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Glow Stick Lightening Lip Balm

This lip balm is made from the finest herbs and spices along with our Healing Oil in a beeswax base designed to lighten lip discoloration.

For best results use at least twice daily. Dryness and peeling is normal as this product will increase your cell turnover rate shedding away the discolored skin to reveal the healthier lighter skin underneath.
This product works best for lips that are discolored not lips that are naturally dark.
Various things stain the lips over time such as sun damage, smoking, and lipsticks!

You may alternate between this product and your normal lip products daily.

All natural made with beeswax & cucurmin

These tubes are hand poured so sometimes they may not be smooth, rub product on back of hand to soften and smooth out edges before applying to your delicate lips.

*consistency and scent may vary due to seasonal temperatures & product shortages*


  • Image of Glow Stick Lightening Lip Balm
  • Image of Glow Stick Lightening Lip Balm