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Extreme Hair Regrowth Elixir Systems


*Trial sizes are intended to treat a small area or be tested on a small area for a 2 week period. Take a starting photo before use and another at 2 weeks and compare to see if it’s worth it for you to invest in the full sized set. Most users achieve growth in 7-10 days. Some even sooner - But please allow at least 2 full weeks.

Elixirs are potent botanical remedies that soothe the scalp, energize blood flow, balance sebum production, and stimulate the follicles to maximize hair growth and help eliminate hair loss. Your hair is subject to many influences including heat, chlorinated water, UV, sunshine, and in many cases chemicals in hair products that have harmed the scalp and follicles, resulting in hair that is less than optimal. Our elixir is infused with herbs and oils that have both the science and history of healing the scalp and hair.

Our regrowth elixir works to clear scalp and hormonal conditions that may be hindering growth. An all natural DHT blocker that stops hair fall and awakens damaged or dormant follicles.
Herbal infusion opens the pores of the scalp to allow formula to penetrate deep within the follicles. Elixir begins to regrow hair in as little as 2 weeks. Results vary.

Use Elixir 3x per week, every other day is suggested, on clean scalp using clean hands to massage product into problem areas. FOLLOW UP WITH HEALING OIL. 1 elixir bottle lasts 8-10 weeks.

Use only a shampoo, conditioner, Elixir and healing oil on scalp while using this treatment. Do not apply any chemicals or commercial products to your scalp within 3 days of using this treatment. Wash hair before use. Always follow up with healing oil as elixir can be a bit drying to the hair strands.

If only using our products you will not need to wash before each use. If you are using other products while using this treatment, in the least, wipe treatment area clean prior to each use.

NON ETHNIC HAIR - use elixir and oil as suggested above as a night treatment every other night and wash out the next morning.

******Please note, if you have alopecia where you experience body wide hair loss or if you no longer have follicles, no topical product will work for you. Hair loss due to medications or underlying health conditions, the aforementioned conditions must be resolved before regrowth can happen. As always seek the advice of a medical professional.*******

Depending on length of time problem area has been present, or having a large problem area - more than 1 round of treatment may be needed. Once area fills to 95 percent coverage, elixir can be discontinued but it is recommended to continue using the Healing Oil until 100% coverage is achieved to ensure that the cause of the hair loss is eradicated.

A proprietary blend of: Water, mahalaba, cronton, misik, bamboo leaf, an Essential oil blend, and LOVE.


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