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Yoni Steam Healing Herbal Blend

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Treats conditions of the reproductive system.

A unique herbal blend designed to facilitate healing to the reproductive system. May relieve issues pertaining to yeast, BV, hemorrhoids, constipation, bladder & uterine issues, cysts, fibroids, tubal blockages and infertility.

1 month supply. Comes with steam seat. Contains 3 packs of herbs. Use 1 per week away from your menstrual cycle. Do not use while menstruating.

Instructions are included on all items

Directions: Pour 1 packet of herbs into basin or yoni steam seat. Place seat into toilet bowl. Boil 1 cup of water on stovetop. Pour the boiling water over the herbs. Let cool until the temperature is enough for you to withstand. Sit comfortably on toilet with legs spread. Keep skin away from water. Steam will rise. Sit with lower half covered for 45 minutes to an hour wearing socks. Relax, meditate on healing and breathe deeply.

Can be used in 3 ways
1. By yoni steam
2. Douche - Boil herbs for 5 minutes let sit until cool, strain and use herbal water as douche. Be certain to strain all herbs out of douching solution.
3. Bath - Place herbs in bath and sit for an hour

NOT RECOMMEND FOR THOSE WHO ARE PREGNANT OR WOMEN WITH IUD BIRTH CONTROL. The steam softens the cervix and could cause pregnancy loss or could cause the IUD to dislodge.
*these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. We are not doctors and these items are not intended to diagnose, treat or heal any issues*


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